610 Meridian St.  + Holy Eucharist 10:00 am

The Chapel of the Good Shepherd (map) is both an Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion and a ministry of the Diocese of Indianapolis to the campus community at Purdue University. We have what you would expect an Episcopal Church to have: “Ritual, Community, and Free Food!”  

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Good-Bye !- Please come to help us honor the Rev. Peter Bunder on his retirement, and to celebrate his 34 years of ministry to Good Shepherd. Peter will preach and preside at his final service on Sunday, August 4, 2019, at 10:00 am. Immediately following the service, join us for a celebratory meal at the church to … Continue reading Good-Bye !
Father Bunder Announces Retirement- At this years annual meeting January 13th. Father Bunder announced that this summer, at age 68, he would be retiring as our chaplain after 34 years of service here in West Lafayette, 37 years in the Episcopal church, and 42 years as a priest. For the full text of his remarks click here.
“Feed the Sheep”- “Feed the Sheep” Want to make a donation?  THANK YOU !!!! Click on the  orange  button. This year “Stewardship Sunday” will be November 4th. Return our pledge form then or mail it in. To our alumni, our students and their parents, this is your chance to help us keep going. Send a check! Interested in … Continue reading “Feed the Sheep”