Your New Peer Minister

Hey everybody!
My name is Erin Sample and I’m really excited to be your new peer minister! Before I tell yall’s what I’ve got planned I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.
I come from a very small town in Northwest Ohio, called Monclova. My home church where I grew up in until I moved here, is called St.Paul’s Episcopal in Maumee, Ohio. I’ve been involved in my church’s youth group, altar guild, as well as the Diocese of Ohio youth events.

I come from a rather big family of two sisters, three step-sisters, and three step-brothers. I have three cats, four horses and over ten dogs. It is never a dull moment at home. I went to Anthony Wayne High School where I was a member of the NHS, wrestling team, marching band, French club, and Connect(our school’s LGBTQ club). I’ve also been very active in the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, where I will be working at summer camp this upcoming summer.

I am a freshmen in speech, language and hearing sciences and, I plan to stay here at Purdue to finish my undergrad. I’m engaged in the Disney Appreciation Club, and the HHS club here at the University.

As for things I’m excited to do for our parish, the first stop is making T-shirts. I think tee-shirts are a fun and easy way to advertise our church. I’m also interested in updating our window display at Stewart, and engaging the youth more at our Parish with youth led services.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or you just want to talk feel free to email me at