Boiler Sheep

Drive Away Hunger 2017

From now until December 1st., bring your non-perishable food items¬† to the church. Here’s the story from WLFI.




“WOW” Stories

We are looking for Good Shepherd people willing to share their stories about what makes campus ministry here so special . . . . stories that we can share on Stewardship Sunday Nov. 5th. If you have a “WOW” story, contact Father Bunder.

“Feed the Sheep”

Through the people at “Network for Good” we can now offer an updated donor page!

Look for the orange “Donate Now” button just about everywhere.



Good Shepherd on YouTube!


Here are the two Good Shepherd videos (one five minutes, one one minute) from our “Workship” service at Food Finders on November 4, 2012.¬† The videos were produced by Charles Renne of Underproduction Multi-Media, with the cooperation of Kathy Copas in the diocesan office.