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Bread for the World “Offering of Letters” 2019

Our Bread for the World “Offering of Letters” day was Sunday, May 12, but we’ll be collecting letters through Sunday, May 26.

A sample letter is here.

Thanks to Patti O’Callaghan for organizing it!

Father Bunder Announces Retirement

Peter Bunder

At this years annual meeting January 13th. Father Bunder announced that this summer, at age 68, he would be retiring as our chaplain after 34 years of service here in West Lafayette, 37 years in the Episcopal church, and 42 years as a priest. For the full text of his remarks click here.

“Feed the Sheep”

“Feed the Sheep”

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This year “Stewardship Sunday” will be November 4th. Return our pledge form then or mail it in. To our alumni, our students and their parents, this is your chance to help us keep going. Send a check! Interested in giving or pledging online? Go to and then scroll down to the orange “DONATE NOW” button. You can use your credit card on this form too. We will process the donation through Square. Use Venmo? We are “Chapel Shepherd”.

What is “Workship”?

What’s “Workship”?  We’ll gather at Food Finders, where we’ll be assigned a variety of tasks for 45 minutes to an hour (usually sorting, repackaging, or labeling food), and we’ll conclude with a brief form of the Holy Eucharist.  Good Shepherd tries to schedule a Workship service at Food Finders two or three times a year.

There will be no Sunday School on September 30.  The 7:00 pm service will be at the church, as scheduled.

Good Shepherd on YouTube!


Here are the two Good Shepherd videos (one five minutes, one one minute) from our “Workship” service at Food Finders on November 4, 2012.  The videos were produced by Charles Renne of Underproduction Multi-Media, with the cooperation of Kathy Copas in the diocesan office.