Episcopal Student Association

Students are an important part of our life here. Half of our vestry members are students. The Episcopal Student Association (ESA) is our official link to the university. This year we have five ESA officers and one advisor.

Erin is a sophomore at Purdue studying Human Services with plans to get her masters in Christian Education. Erin is the ESA  vice president. She is from Monclova, Ohio and enjoys spending time at home in the fields reading books. Here at school Erin  is involved in Purdue’s Swing and Blues club Night Train, the Disability Resource Center Mentorship and the HHS club. During the summer’s Erin works as a camp counselor for a local Girl Scout camp in Ohio. She’s very excited to serve God in any way she can.

My name is Becky Cutting. I am originally from Houston, Texas. I am the ESA president. I am a graduate student in aerospace engineering working on my PhD. I was born and raised in the Episcopal Church, and my favorite aspect of the church is that ALL are welcome.

Connor Henebry is a sophomore majoring in Professional Flight who holds both a Private Pilot Certificate and an Instrument Rating. Connor is our transportation coordinator. Originally from Southern California, Connor came to Purdue to pursue his passion for aviation. After joining ZBT he felt that he could best serve his fellow brothers by being house Treasurer.  After graduation he hopes to become a pilot for a major airline and eventually fly long-haul, international routes. Connor is an Eagle Scout, and a research assistant to Prof. Denver Lopp. In his free time Connor enjoys listening to music, watching South Park, and reading murder mysteries and political fiction.

Our event coordinator is Crystal Nnaji. Crystal is a sophomore in the pre-pharmacy program.  She is from St. Timonthy’s in Indiana.

Tammy Conard-Salvo is our faculty advisor. Tammy, a new mother adopted baby Aila out of Fort Wayne. We are all very excited for our village to watch her grow up!