Free Food

Jimmyjohnslogo Monday Lunch

As part of our Episcopal Campus Ministry, Purdue students gather at Good Shepherd on Mondays from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm for fellowship and sandwiches from Jimmy John’s! Free and open to all.  Call or e-mail us with your sandwich order by 11:30 am, and we’ll make sure it’s included in the order: 743-1347,

Monthly Sunday Lunch

August Pot-luck #6 Dani Patti Maura

Each month we try and hold one student/grown-up/other event after the Sunday morning service. Basically it’s a pot-luck.


Antidoron means “instead of /not the gift.” At the end of the service many Eastern Orthodox parishes will offer this blessed bread to any baptized Christian who did not receive Communion. Think donut. We give you a Dove chocolate. Comes with a proverb wrapped around it in case you found the sermon to be a snoozer.


We serve tasty Hammer donuts from the Discount Den before and after the Sunday morning service. You get a WHOLE donut! There’s also the New York Times. There is an annual donut vote.


Sunday Night Supper & Service

Every Sunday the Episcopal Student Association hosts a free supper before our evening service (6:00 p.m.)